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Every device needs inspection from time to time, and we certainly agree that, unfortunately, something can go wrong from time to time. In these cases, do not despair, there is nothing easier than to contact us and we will solve the problems with the device for you. We repair equipment of all world brands, we often also encounter equipment of Chinese or Japanese production, where it is a problem to obtain the necessary spare parts. Even in these cases, we are able to find a solution by manufacturing this part for you, or by finding another suitable solution.
In the case of longer-term service, we are able to provide you with an immediate replacement. We can lend you our lift truck attachments for the necessary repairs of your machine.

Front brand attachments. Attachments of the best brands. World brand attachments.

Bolzoni - Auramo and MEYER attachments are one of the products we offer you as the exclusive importer.

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