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Complete repairs

 One of the advantages of our company is, in addition to the sale and rental of lift truck attachments also the possibility of refurbishing and overhauling older pieces. The fact that you have an older accessory that seems to be out of date does not necessarily mean that it will be written off. At your request, we will inspect the machine and prepare an offer for its renovation. The machine will then be as good as new and will serve you as well as it has so far. However, if the condition happens to be such that overhauling the machine does not pay off, do not despair. We will buy this machine from you and deliver a new or already refurbished machine. The price for you will be reduced by the value of your existing machine. Of course, we guarantee the quality of our refurbished equipment and therefore we do not differentiate with the warranty whether it is a new machine or an older machine. Every machine that our mechanics overhauls is guaranteed with a 12-month warranty, just like with new equipment.

Front brand attachments. Attachments of the best brands. World brand attachments.

Bolzoni - Auramo and MEYER attachments are one of the products we offer you as the exclusive importer.

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