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We offer following products: (To check product availability, please contact our sales managers)

Type Capacity Weight Forks cross section  
UH 1/100 1000 kg 10 kg   DEMAND
UH 1/200 2000 kg 20 kg   DEMAND
UH 1/300 3000 kg 25 kg   DEMAND

Type Capacity Weight
Forks cross section
UH 2/100 1000 kg 30 kg   DEMAND
UH 2/200 2000 kg 40 kg   DEMAND
UH 2/300 3000 kg     DEMAND
UH 2/500 5000 kg     DEMAND
UH 2/600 6000 kg     DEMAND
UH 2/800 8000 kg     DEMAND
UH 2/1000 10000 kg     DEMAND

Front brand attachments. Attachments of the best brands. World brand attachments.

Bolzoni - Auramo and MEYER attachments are one of the products we offer you as the exclusive importer.

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